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December 2015 Flooding at Stockton Lake

A few video clips shot on December 28th, the day after 3 days of continues rain! Added a little bit of old music from the hard drive for a touch of beauty. 🙂 Enjoy source

Tournament Vlog Day 1 / Stockton Lake, MO - Travel/A Little Prefishing

Quick vlog of our first day heading down to Stockton Lake in Missouri for our season opener of East KS Bassmasters. Dealt with a lot of rain between Friday and Saturday. This was the last day I actually "vlogged", the rest are…Read More »

EKB Tournament Pre-Fish / Day 2

This is an extremely small sampling of our pre-fish and I didn't record the entire day. Caught probably 80 fish throughout the course of the day and would have had five somewhat respectable fish-only one of which is in this video. It…Read More »

East Kansas Bassmasters Season Opener / Stockton, MO - Day 3

Was not quite the day I'd been hoping for but still managed to bring a few in, which most of us is all we could have hoped for. It was tough. 8 teams out of 21 did not weigh a fish and…Read More »

Catching Bass with Randy of Largemouth Bass Nation. Southwest Missouri, USA

Catching Bass with the Randman from Largemouth Bass Nation! Just a compilation of catching some bass in southwest Missouri source