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Fall Bass Fishing on Lake Fork

Bass fishing on lake fork can either be hit or miss. The lake was turning over this past week and is now starting to heat up a bit. I will be making another trip out there here in the next few weeks.…Read More »

The LunkersTV Bass Fishing Special

Went out bass fishing here in south Texas. The bite was on fire and we ended up getting three different species of fish on the deck of the boat. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the…Read More »

Fishing Cranks for Big River Smallmouth Bass

Any kind of bass fishing is fun but throwing deep diving cranks for smallmouth bass is awesome. Never thought I would have been throwing it that shallow but hey it was working so no need to stop. Make sure to hit that…Read More »

Fishing Texas Grass For BIG Bass

Bass fishing here in Texas is starting to get good. It only took a few good cold fronts to get these bass chewing. Hope you enjoyed the video and make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me!! Lets Get him to…Read More »

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Flukes Action Underwater

http://www.riveratackle.net They call their flukes TwerkBaits These are some of the best Flukes I have used. Make sure to checkout River A Tackle for more of their product line. source

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Shaky Head Action Underwater

This is a video of what it looks like from above the water as well as below. Its always good to know what your bait looks like when you are moving it. Please like the video and subscribe to the channel! source

Summertime Bass Fishing - Chasing Lake St. Clair Smallmouth!

In this episode we head out on Lake St. Clair in search of Smallmouth Bass. Once we found the bite, we started nailing fish!!! This was my first time filming Bass Fishing! Hope you guys enjoy, thumbs up if so!!! If I…Read More »

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Fishing Hacks 101

Subscribe - Facebook - Compiled a few good tips that should help some people out. Do me a favor and subscribe if you haven't already! source

Lake Fork 12 Pound Largemouth Bass Caught on Video

March 22nd, 2012 - Fishing with guide Cody Malone at Lake Fork, Texas I caught a certified 12.18 pound Largemouth Bass. source