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Vlog #31: Whopper Plopper Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This is my thirty first vlog (video blog) filmed in September, 2017. I was small river topwater lure fishing for big smallmouth bass. I ended up catching one big smallmouth bass (master angler length) on a whopper plopper 90, and I also…Read More »

Catching Largemouth Bass Compilation

What we love to do! Largemouth Bass Nation on Facebook; For when you Just Can't Get on the Water! source

Smallmouth Bass LOVES the Whopper Plopper!!!

What's up guys! My good buddy Tommy and I decided to go explore a new stretch of River and boy it paid off! We got our Triple Double and we had a blast! All I used was the Whopper Plopper and once…Read More »

Top Water Bass Fishing with Frogs. Spro Poppin Frog.

Buy Spro Frogs at our website Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: I love to fish the Spro popping frog in the late Summer and early Fall. Bass will be on the banks under the grass in the…Read More »

Explosive Buzzbait Hits! Topwater Buzzbait Bass Fishing

Buy buzzbaits from us at Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: There are a few times throughout the year where a buzzbait will out-fish any other bait in your tackle box. When the big bass move into the…Read More »

Drop Shot Fishing For Big Summer Bass

My buddy and I met up at 4pm instead of 7 am like we usually do. We wanted to fish the evening bite and fish the night bite as well since there was a full moon on the 12th. It was also…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Fishing - 4lb Bass on Grass Edge

I cast the jig onto the grass canopy and then burned it to the waters edge where u will see me nearly kill it to give it some water... the fish was on it instantly and ate it. I have done this…Read More »