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Smallmouth Bass LOVES the Whopper Plopper!!!

What's up guys! My good buddy Tommy and I decided to go explore a new stretch of River and boy it paid off! We got our Triple Double and we had a blast! All I used was the Whopper Plopper and once…Read More »

How To Fish The Zara Spook | Walk The Dog | Bass Fishing

Zara Spook fishing and walking the dog is what this video is about. Learn where and when to fish it, what line, rod, and reel to use! Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from BassResource.com! They're loaded with fishing tips…Read More »

Topwater Bass Fishing Buyers Guide

Frog Fishing, Poppers, Buzzbaits, Walking Baits, and the Whopper Plopper! We cover all the best baits to help you catch more topwater fish this coming year! With Christmas just around the corner, the Holiday Buyer's Guide continues with this installment on Topwater…Read More »

Topwater Smallmouth Bass Fishing in a random River I found!

What's up guys! On my way to explore a new body of water, I spotted a river as I drove over a bridge. I noticed there was a little park right on the edge of it and decided to bust a U-turn.…Read More »

Topwater Smallmouth Bass In Canada

Fishing for smallmouth bass in Canada with my Dad on Rainy Lake was one of the best bass fishing trips I've ever been on. The bass were not huge, but the scenery was amazing! For a Texas boy, it sure was a…Read More »