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Jig Fishing for Giant Largemouth

A spontaneous trip to the lake pays off after several hours without any luck. Only missed a couple others, but the ones that were caught were quality fish. Top 3 weighed 12 lb. 10 oz. All of these three were caught on…Read More »

Late Summer Post Front Largemouth Bass Fishing

Hello Folks! This is footage from 9/11 when I went fishing for largemouth with my buddy Dave. We had some really tough post frontal conditions to deal with. The forecast predicted overcast with light wind and rain. However, the weather kept changing…Read More »

Largemouth Bass Blows Up On Spro BBZ-1 Rat 50

Hey Folks! There's nothing better than a topwater bite! Especially when it's a topwater rat swimbait! The Spro BBZ-1 Rat has amazing action straight out of the package but has an even better action after you remove the tail! It has a…Read More »

Pre Spawn Chatterbait Bass Fishing

Hello Folks! My buddy Josh and I had a great day out on the water last Sunday (4/10). We boated over 35 fish total. The majority of them were largemouth with a few rock bass mixed in. Earlier in the day when…Read More »

Big Bass Destroys Hudd 68 - March Swimbait Bass Fishing

Hey Folks! I got to fish for about 4 hours on Saturday 3/26. I knew that with the full moon that we had on Wednesday, that there was a chance that there would be some bass that were still shallow. Also, I…Read More »

Pre Spawn Giant Largemouth Bass [Washington State]

Hey Folks! I managed to catch my second swimbait fish of the year which came in at 3.59 lbs. But my buddy Josh was the star of the day. He landed this giant that came in at 5.86 lbs on a chatterbait!…Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing For February Largemouth

Josh and I took the boat out for the first this in 2016 and we both managed to catch our first largemouth bass of the year! We had warmer weather in the beginning of the week but had a cold front blow…Read More »

Jig Fishing For Big Pre Spawn Bass

My buddy and I hit a different lake this time to see if they were in pre spawn mode and they sure were! We caught most of our fish on jigs but I also caught a couple on a 7" Bass Pro…Read More »

Lake Washington Smallmouth Bass Fishing (6/7/14)

Went out yesterday with a friend of mine "Cam i Am" for some smallmouth action. It was a really tough post spawn bite,but we managed to land a decent bag of fish for tough conditions. Enjoy the video and please Like,Comment and…Read More »