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Tested Bank Fishing Tips for Catching Bass

Bank fishing is an excellent way to catch lots of bass. You don't have to mess with loading and unloading a boat, so it's a perfect way to wet a line when time is limited. To maximize your results, Managing Editor Walker Smith…Read More »

Paddle Tail Swimbaits - Bass Fishing

This is how I was fishing a paddle tail swimbait on Okeechobee. Please check out my sponsors. Intro Music by - source

Fishing Jerkbaits for Clearwater Smallmouths

Ryan DeChaine presents a killer video on fishing jerkbaits for clearwater smallmouths. So many great tips and visual fish catches in this lengthy how-to video. Featured Product: Strike King KVD Jerkbait: http://goo.gl/9sTkKO Rapala X-Rap Deep: http://goo.gl/OkNlub source

Mark Zona on Power Fishing a Tube for Bigger Bass

Like worms and jigs, tubes have long been a staple in bass fisherman’s arsenal, but according to Mark Zona, have been pushed to the wayside side by the Drop Shot. This leaves bass unconditioned to this classic, which Zona’s describes as a…Read More »

Catch Big River Smallmouth on Jerkbaits

Bass are a sucker for jerkbaits when the water is cold. Most of the hype centers around the outstanding prespawn bite, but they're equally effective during the fall cold water period. Seth Feider gives us a good rundown on fall river smallmouth…Read More »

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Flipping and Pitching Tutorial

If you want to dominate the shallows, you need to master the art of flipping and pitching. Bass fishing legend Gary Klein spares no details in this comprehensive tutorial on the subject. source

NEW! BAREFOOT Log Rolling Big Smallmouth Bass! (VLOG #1)

Prepare yourself for ridiculous bass fishing and some good laughs. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson exhibits catlike reflexes on a river logjam to get to where others cannot. All laughs aside, big and stable logjams can provide a walking surface from which to drop…Read More »

All-Season Jerkbait Strategies With KVD [Video]

This video gives us great insight into the power fishing mind of jerkbait maestro Kevin VanDam. Although he emphasizes the use of jerkbaits in and around the Bassmaster Classic period, he extends this how-to to cover the entire year with some very…Read More »

How to determine Male or Female Fish/Bass ~ Fan FAQ

Want to catch more bass!? Check out this website for HOW to Catch More BASS! Check out this Link for Frog Fishing For Bass!!! Check out this Link for free videos and blogs on HOW TO Fish! Follow me on Instagram! @OG_johnnyjenkins…Read More »

Bass Fishing Offshore With Swimbaits [Video]

Greg Vinson shares an easy to fish alternative to a crankbait that flat out catches 'em. The swimbait marketplace has become swamped with a huge variety of bait designs to cover nearly all bass fishing scenarios. Threading a soft body swimbait on…Read More »

Finesse Fishing Bass With Gliding Jigs

Randall Tharp provides a lesson on this intriguing finesse jig ( which pairs well with a variety of soft plastics. Great underwater video showcases its unique action. Elite Series pro Randall Tharp is known for his power fishing prowess, but he knows…Read More »

Catch Late Fall Smallmouths on Natural Lakes and Rivers

Wired2fish's Ryan DeChaine shares some insight on catching late fall smallmouth bass on natural lakes and rivers up north. The water temps are dipping down below 50 degrees but there is still some great bass fishing to be had. Some really good…Read More »