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Catching Bass, Crappies, and Muskie on the Wisconsin river

Like and subscribe so you wont miss any of my future videos! ---------------------------------------------- Camera : Gopro Hero 4 Silver edition Editing software : Sony Vegas Pro 12 Location : Wisconsin ----------------------------------------------- Catching Bass, Crappies, and Muskie on the Wisconsin river, | Wisconsin…Read More »

Sight Fishing Giant Smallmouth Bass

Took a trip to Northern Michigan in the Spring and the big boy smallies were cruising the outside edges of the reeds. I tried tube jigs but they kept getting jammed in the reeds. I switched to a pitching technique I use…Read More »

Finesse Fishing Tips and Techniques

Finesse Essentials Baits: More themed boxes: Oftentimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with us to provide perfect conditions. Finesse tactics and baits can salvage an otherwise brutal day of fishing, and Mystery Tackle Box with the Catch Company put together some of the…Read More »

Please don't lie to me with your straight arm fish pictures Dirty bird ☮

Sunrise, Algae bloom, Dirty bird, Largemouth. Morning temp 70 degrees, temp at 11am was 82? forecast calling for temps in the low 90s. Extremely humid, Little to no breeze today almost unbearable heat. I normally stay a few hours longer but I…Read More »

Swimbait Bass Fishing.

Buy swimbaits from our store Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: One of our go to baits in the Fall is the soft plastic swimbait. Tips and swimbait modifications at the end of the video. source

Bass Fishing- Zoom Z-Hogs in Mats (2015)

Bass fishing in the early summer using Zoom Z-Hogs beaver style soft plastics. 6/2015 source

My Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures (subject to change)

I've was asked by a subscriber to make a video of my Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures. Well here it is. source

Bass Fishing Tips-- Plastic Worm Basics

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