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Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Fishing willow leaf bladed spinnerbaits on Okeechobee is a great way to catch some nice bass. This video I explain in-depth How To fish them properly in the grass. I will discuss the proper rod, reel, line and kind of spinnerbaits to use when fishing in heavy grass cover.

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50 Replies to “Big Bass Attacks Spinnerbait! - Scott Martin - How To Spinnerbait Fishing Tip on Okeechobee”

  1. Donnie Vick

    Well, I'm not clairvoiant and wasn't aware if this was your 6th, or 600th video, so you'll have to excuse me for not knowing.

  2. Donnie Vick

    Brandon, please mute the music when someone is talking. It's fine when the boats are driving, etc, but distracting when someone is talking, even at low volumes. Thanks!

  3. Ken lynn

    I'm envy , fishing in Indy ,lots of nice bass but not Florida. Thanks for all you do for the less fortunate....

  4. Chad Drumm

    Damn Scott! I’m such a huge fan of yours because of YouTube! Obviously you’re a bad ass angler, but getting to see you’re other vids of the behind the scenes and you hooking up with other YouTubers really makes your vids simply awesome! I wish you’d make the transition to BASS. I’d think you’d do really well competing with the KVDs of the sport!

  5. Scot Pender

    Excellent Scott! Getting the spinnerbait is next on my list, and then to chatterbaits. Those two I am yet to catch a fish on. Have any chatterbait vids that could help me out?

  6. MordeC4i

    Hello Scott, first of all i love your videos , i just started fishing again this summer and after watching your videos i had to buy my self a spinning rod and a baitcaster * damn its hard to cast with it 🙂 i hate backlash :)* anyway atm iam useing a daiwa tatula hd 200 baitcaster, i know that you use okuma , but could you tell me what the main diffrence between (if you know the diffrence ofc) okuma helios air and diawa tatula hd 200 , atm i can only aford 1 rod and reel and all my baits are 10-20 g (iam from sweden , so i dont know what the waight would be in us) is the okuma helios a good baitcaster to use as a beginner? or is it more for the pros? 😀 i really hope that you will have time to answer this some day 🙂 have a great day and keep up the good videos ,
    best regards mathias from sweden

  7. Tony C

    Does wind direction has anything to do with where you cast? with the wind, against? Thank you.

  8. Florida Wild

    Good stuff, Scott! I'm a bit older, so I grew up watching your dad. As a matter of fact, you can thank him for me. It was was one of his Big Bass spinnerbaits, that caught my Pb 12 lb. bass.

  9. big dad ace

    Hay Scott was that a HILDEBRANDT OKEECHOBEE SPECIAL. Love that bait all over Fl water. especially Kissimmee Chain...My first bass at Lake Toho in the 70's came on a snagless sally Do they still make that bait? Like your on line presence, keep it up guy...

  10. James Reed

    Great video Scott. Keep them coming. I'm just getting back in the game. Love your videos. Thank you.

  11. devin prieto

    hey man my names devin im 20 and i wanna join a fishing tournament but i wanna also fish with you and learn alot more about fishing

  12. keith bernier

    I love your videos, they have helped my fishing out tremendously. thank you for all the tips and tricks. every time I use a new bait I watch one of your videos.

  13. Fugettaboutit

    For many years I just didn't jive with spinnerbaits.  Just thought they were too big/heavy and goofy-looking.  "Why the heck would they want to bite that?'  But the biggest thing I just wasn't experienced with were the right conditions  Once I started getting that, with the help of a local reservoir that's particularly good for spinners, I began to love them and now they're an essential part of my arsenal  I've found that you have to really have confidence especially with a spinnerbait, not only to throw and work it properly, but to feel out the right kind of hookset.  Kind of 'zen', if you will.  I'm going to really give them a work out for smallies this summer as well.  WE camp up at Lake George in upstate NY every year, and it's cool and clear year-round.  It'll be challenging.


    I'm a beginner bass fisherman and I need help. I fish in Weston Florida where we have several lakes and golf courses. It is raining today and will be raining for the next 5 days. What time of the day should I fish and what do I use for bait. I have all spinner reels and I have 10lb test line. Can you please help me with my fishing. Any and all info is appreciated

  15. randand1

    You were literally putting on a clinic. Gotta ask about your pronunciation of Okeechobee; sounds like you're saying Ukeechoee, or am I hearing you wrong?

  16. Andross2587

    Scott Martin is my favorite fisherman. Love how you share all your knowledge and all you ask for is some support via likes and comments. Wish I could fish with you sometime in Niagara Falls. Thanks again for another great video.

  17. Jason Sanders

    You should try  black and blue bass jig Big I colt a 4.6 pond bass out of my pond. I thought it was going to pull me in and im 9 years old.

  18. Phil Carr

    Love your videos, Scott. I have watched many. Particularly like the last two on spinner baits! Thanks for taking the time to produce these and all of your other educational videos!!!

  19. Gavin Brush

    I've won tournaments on dead calm, sunny, 90°F summer days throwing chartreuse and white War Eagle spinnerbaits.

  20. Stuart hoynak

    thanks Scott. learned a lot. I hope to put it to use next year. thinking about my 1st boat. so I can go fishing with my Son.

  21. Swamp Billy

    if you were fishing the very same conditions except lake was more stained would you switch to Colorado blade for open water or stick to a Willow ?

  22. gary robinson Jr

    nice info ....much needed on when and which ones to use in different situations.When are you going to do more night fishing I seen your one on lake Seminole that was awesome ...big DONKIES !!!!

  23. T.J. Hogan

    I have some major trout streams where I am. (south east of pittsburgh). really got into fishing when the bass master classic came though the area when I was little (2005? kvd win I believe?). I am hoping I can learn some new tricks and get on these bass a little faster this year. I'm enjoying the videos, Scott!

  24. James Abrams

    love the spinner baits....can I ask are you right or left handed? im right handed ..cast with my right reel with my left...just most comfortable for me

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