By | April 25, 2018
Attention! We have a lure manufacturer looking for 'pro staff' and field staff fishermen/women throughout the Tri States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma), who fish our tournaments and others, to become a Pro Staff ambassador for a regional custom made lure company. Go Here to Apply!! Apply for staff position! Or, for info and to request a recommendation form see me, Randy Yancey, Table Rock North Tournament Director for USA Bassin, after the tournament!!  

I caught this bass in the morning while topwater fishing. The fish was estimated 6-6.5 lb. thank you for watching and don't forget to follow me on social media!
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Twitter: Itsdrainz


22 Replies to “BIG BASS CAUGHT IN SMALL CREEK! 6.5lb”

  1. Mark Withers

    Awesome catch I fish a similar creek and only dream of rocking a bass like that one you should name him EL GIGANTE

  2. Toothbrush Gaming

    This is why little kids should catch big fish. Catch it, unhook it, take a picture, and put it back in the water. Takes less then a min. Big fish in small creeks like that are rare nowadays. Smh.

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