By | March 9, 2018

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Using Koppers Hollow Body Frogs to catch some big bass in the Spring of 2011.


22 Replies to “Big Bass on Frogs. Top Water Largemouth Bass Fishing in Alabama”

  1. Jody Adams Jr.

    I go to Guntersville every spring, but looks like I need to go a little farther south in Bama. What lake do you fish mostly?


    I got the same 14 ft.boat with a 25 hp mercury, it does about 40mph. I go fishing in the Fl. keys and go out 3-5 miles out on a good calm day, i dont like fresh water fishing, never got into it..... nice bass BTW.

  3. claytonm333

    question, do you often catch more, smaller bass and just show the larger ones, or are these big ones what you catch all day long... if so.. i wanna go fishin with you some time haha 😛

  4. JoeDaddy40

    U can cast much further and more accurately with them than the spinners and they also allow you to work faster which means you can make more casts in the same amount of time. I use both it just depends on what im throwing. Good luck and catch em up!!

  5. GforcePilotAustralia

    Hey Russ, I just purchased 3 live target Frogs from the States. I will try and Get a Big old Aussie Barramundi on camera Blowing up on it.

  6. Zach Moran

    @loc Alexander- The reason people use baitcasting reels is because you can hold a lot more, much heavier line. A baitcaster also doesn't create as much line "twist" meaning you can cast heavier line without it forming a birds nest. Also, with a little practice, you can throw a lure farther with a baitcaster with more accuracy. A spinning reel is better for throwing very light lures in very tight conditions. Hope this helps.

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