By | April 25, 2018
Attention! We have a lure manufacturer looking for 'pro staff' and field staff fishermen/women throughout the Tri States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma), who fish our tournaments and others, to become a Pro Staff ambassador for a regional custom made lure company. Go Here to Apply!! Apply for staff position! Or, for info and to request a recommendation form see me, Randy Yancey, Table Rock North Tournament Director for USA Bassin, after the tournament!!  

The highs and lows from all three days of the 2017 Bassmaster Carhartt College Series Wildcard on Lay Lake, Alabama. Ended up in 14th place and qualified for the 2017 National Championship on Lake Bemidji In August.


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  1. Nolan Minor

    I caught a 4lb catfish on a dd22 the final day at Lay, definitely felt your pain on the drum there! I talked to you at Bemidji about some muskies I believe haha

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