By | March 25, 2018

Had an unreal time up north and it was crazy to end it on a good note. Hopefully you enjoyed the video

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34 Replies to “Big Mille Lacs Smallmouth”

  1. superslim121

    Nick can't wait till the guy gets off his boat. Could not fish with a guy like that. "He's got all the words". Says all the cool stuff!!!

  2. James R Goodman

    Could you start putting the set up your using in the videos description because it looking for a new spinning for finesse and it would really help

  3. sid aultman

    Hey Peric, just wanted to say I too seem to have bad days and when things go wrong they go really WRONG!! 2 Friends and I were going fishing at Lake Gaston VA. we stopped to eat breakfast and locked keys in my truck. Got them out and continued our trip. Tore down an old deck to the camper and 1 guy stepped on a board with nails that literally stuck to his foot. went fishing, got hung up so I raised my fishing pole to show the guys where it was hung....broke the tip off and watched it slide down line into water. went to come in and we had broke the shear pin on prop, didn't have another because it was in my other tackle box. Cut a piece off wire stringer and putted back in. Friend splashed water on me so I used my paddle to splash him back, paddle split right down the middle. ( I no longer use wooden paddles) friend decided to shoot a bottle rocket off the side of truck while I was on other side. Rocket took off and a spark flew out the back, right into my ear and burned the inside of my ear. We were very young and dumb back then. I still to this day can not believe that at some point during that day, NONE of us ever thought to just stop while we were ahead. My wife and I love APBASSIN. keep up the good work!!

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