By | March 3, 2018

The smallies are starting to push up onto beds and starting to become more catchable!

Alex's Channel:

We caught them pretty good today, starting to pick up little males that are moving up onto beds along with a few roaming females.
I even got to play around with a big swimbait on a bed fish to see how it'd react and man, it was a blast! Wait for days 4 and 5 because that's when we really start whacking them!

Pursue your passion folks!

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29 Replies to “BIG Swimbait Bed Fishing for Smallmouth Bass ft Alex Rudd”

  1. jim moriarity

    I have no idea how you are not flooded with subscribers!! I see people catching 3lb largemouth and they have a half million subs. you a smackin 5 and 6 Lb smallies at will! definitely one of my favorite channels!! keep up the good work brother!

  2. Arizona Basser

    big swimbaits are amazing in michigan. We been catching them up north on 9-12" wake baits and glide baits. I'll be home on leave again in sept-oct. Deps 250s, pizz customs, phoney glides on the menu for those northern fall feeding hogs.

  3. Bryan Beachy

    Where did you guys drop in at? looks like Bay City but that is one hell of a run to get to charity island.

  4. Nicole Wardin

    at the risk of sounding like an always refer to the fish as a "she" is that just a term you use generally or can you tell the sex of the fish from the boat? really asking cuz it would not surprise me in the slightest if you could genuinely tell from the boat because you're that incredible of a fisherman

  5. David Jeon

    how do u not have more subs? u should have at least as many as the Googan Squad /1Rod, u got the realest, straight-up fishing vids out there. and you're the bronzeback king! (claimed by Jon B himself)

  6. David Ehlers

    You should come to Sturgeon Bay, WI sometime. If you do I'll go kayak fishing for smallies with you. If you don't have a yak I am sure I can find one for you to use, or you can rent one.

  7. Kaden

    I went fishing at a place called sugar springs and got a 4 pound largermouth

  8. MasterClass Outdoors

    Amazing day on the water, nice work bro. I love living in Florida but I would really like the chance to catch some smallies, looks like a blast.

  9. bass_bros132 2

    Great video man you guys make an awesome team!! It would be cool if you could incorporate the lures you used. Just an idea. Can't wait for the next one!!

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