By | April 3, 2016

When you fish around the bank in the spring, you are more than likely going to hook into a bedding bass. The bigger bass will normally spawn a little bit deeper, so it pays to fish out from the bank just a little bit. Here I am fishing for bass that I think are on beds in a cove, but I can't see them. I am getting repetitive bites in the same areas and the bass are just taking the end of my bait, not eating the whole thing. With the moon phase being 92% full, this is a clear indication that bass are on beds, I just can see them. This is when it is good to slow down in an area where you think there might be a concentration of beds and work the bait slowly through those areas. Pay attention to any little tick of line movement that might be a bass picking it up and moving it out of the bed. Hope this tip helps you when you find yourself in this situation!

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