By | March 13, 2018
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Had a super fun day catching some cold water smallmouth on Cherokee lake. We got to fish them in a way that we never have before. Its always fun learning new techniques and being able to apply them and catch some BIG bass! I’ve got some pretty cool things planned over the next few weeks. Going to try to get out on the water with some different anglers and get on some more big smallmouth.

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24 Replies to “Catching BIG Cold Water Smallmouth Bass!”

  1. Jason and Owen Stamm

    It's me Owen thanks for the beast coast jigs on the lake the other day Awesome awesome super mega awesome vid Alex I also found that spot on google earth so now I'm going to go fish it

  2. William Hensley

    Nice video! I was wondering if you could explain as to why this area holds fish so well. I've seen the other guys videos and have fished it myself. Other than the bait fish I didn't see anything all that impressive on the graphs.

  3. noah B

    Looking to get into spoon and Alabama rig. Best for priest and old hickory? Thanks

  4. BlakeHartFishing

    Iv been meaning to tell you the net cam shots are lookin good!  It really adds a neat angle to the vids.  Nice lookin smallies they were hungry.  Wonder where the blacks are?

  5. johnnyjobe

    Great video. I caught my personal best Small mouth on Watauga on new years eve she came in right at 4 3/4 pounds. she was a tank but didn't fight very hard.

  6. TNBassin'

    wow, what a day!!  Awesome vid! How about sharing how you found them and were doing to catch them?

  7. Garrett Zody

    Awesome video. Love seeing a local guy doing well, would love to meet up and do some fishing sometime. 👍🏻

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