By | September 29, 2015

I caught this largemouth bass on a private lake on Sunday 9/1/13 at approximately 1:30 pm. I casted into shore from my bass boat approximately 75 feet. The lure hit the water approximately one foot from shore in two feet of water. The second the lure hit water I started reeling in. First I thought I had a fish on, then about ten feet later I thought maybe I was caught on a stick. My line was going out. I stopped reeling and quickly realized my line was still going out. I carefully clicked my drag two clicks and started reeling. I was making headway and line was still going out but slowly. I got him close to boat and she ran a few times as I got her closer she was straight up in down. I got her up close and reached for my net. I missed her first try and got my pole up high and netted her second try. There was a young man with his son on shore and witnessed entire event. They hollered over "how big is he." I quickly scale weighed the fish twice on my digital scale and yelled over "8 pounds 11 ounces." I drove over in my boat and gave them a quick look and called my friend Kevin on shore. I came to shore and he took this video. I released the bass back into lake after taking several pictures. I have no regrets and was told it could be the largest largemouth bass caught in CT this year. It was not weighed at a state location as my intensions were to keep the fish alive so some else could hopefully catch this "beautiful fish." and have the same enjoyment.