By | April 3, 2018

Almost time for fall bass fishing here in Texas. It will turn on real fast once that temperature starts to drop a little more. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me!

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47 Replies to “Early Fall Bass Fishing in Texas”

  1. Armando Perez

    Hey bro anytime your in the Austin area we should defiantly link up we can go to a spot 28th some monsters like 8-10 lbs all day

  2. David Coker

    Fished that same spot about a month ago. Water was 93 degrees and the fish fought like fresh water tarpon. Caught maybe 30. Nothing over 3 lbs. The lake is going to change once again once the war on coal is over.

  3. Little_Saxon

    Hey great videos I love them but do you think you can say the name of the lakes I don't think you did in this video but if you did I didn't hear so ya just a little tip and also What lake are you on?

  4. Supreme Fishing

    It's so true. Making fishing videos is tough because you don't know if you'll catch fish that day. I've been having that problem, recently I haven't been keyed in on the fish and I haven't been able to put out good videos which is very frustrating.

  5. Brandon Shafer

    That is lake Fayette correct? If so that would be the reason that the water temp is so high. It is warm year round because of the power plant. I believe that lake was made for cooling the power plant... if you go close to the plant you can see steam coming off the water... LOTS OF 5-7 pounders in there!!!

  6. ConDor3434

    Stumbled on your channel tonight and I just want to let you know you make great content. Thank you for your service.

  7. Michael Logan

    I enjoy watch ur videos keeps me going I don't get to fish a lot being that I work all the time but I have caught some good ones but u keep up the videos .I will be watching and learning .be cool to meet!

  8. Crappie Hippie

    Losing irreplaceable footage hurts, I'd be unhappy as hell too!  Way to stick it out on those bass until the dinner bell rang....

  9. The Darby Life

    fished a small tourney on Mountain Creek Lake in dallas. you should fish it sometime. water temp was 77. pretty shallow lake overall. had some decent sacks weighed in. about a 40 minute drive from saginaw. considerably closer for you i'm sure. lets do some fishing. +LunkersTV

  10. Craig Mize

    hey rob. I just told your buddy at chicken strips you should try taping a road flare to a bottle of mapgas or propane it makes a nice fireball oh dumass me you have to light it and shoot it with a high cal. round you will like it.

  11. Josh Tenney

    YOUR WIFE! Seams like she and the kid needs more time with you. Same with lake fork guy...just saying!!!! Haha 😝

  12. Dave Gregory

    started fishing about 3 months ago, and have been subbed to you and some of the other pals of yours. I'm used to going out and and getting nothing, but each and every time I'm inspired to go out again and again.. your videos help with that. Finally got my first bass from shore and even tho it was a dink, I was so happy I got something, when others got nothing. Honestly your vids would get kinda boring if you were pulling PB's every single time you went out. It helps to see that we all have those days. I'll take your vids even with gear talk in the kitchen.. entertained and educated. keep it up!

  13. Antonio Zuniga

    was this a hero5 giveaway then? sign me Up please!! even if it's just a piece of crap I can't afford "a camera" yet and want to do fishing videos too, and I'm sure I'm not the only one... cool video anyways. tight lines!

  14. Austin

    Holy shit rob! That was without a doubt my favorite intro you've ever produced. You peric and Sid the sloth all have amazing editing techniques and they're improving with each video it seems like. Much love and support from Ohio.

  15. Happybeerbuzz

    So what temperatures ideally are you looking for in the creeks before you consider it fall conditions?

    As far as the Go Pro goes, better you than me, and I say that without malice. You testing out equipment and giving me a heads up is a big reason I watch your channel. I can't afford to test out all the equipment I would like to, and you are protecting my interest by trying out gear and reporting particularly when something is particularly good or bad.

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