By | March 9, 2017

The team from Bass Centric Collective all hit Lake St Clair and had an absolutely EPIC day on the lake, boating 45+ smallmouth and 2 trophy musky!

It was a fairly tough start to the morning with all of the boat traffic, but after getting away from the boats, we started catching them! Most of our fish came on deep cranbaits in 11-14 feet of water. We used a technique that we coined as "Tickling" a crankbait - reeling the bait so slowly that you barely feel it move and crawl along the bottom.

We ran into Eternal Angler from YouTube out there and he was gracious enough to provide us a net so we could get the second Musky in the boat! What an awesome guy and what an experience getting to share that moment between three different boat-loads of people!

What an amazing day on the water and can't wait to get back soon!

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