By | March 18, 2018

If you are interested in bass fishing for beginners this is where to start. This video is the first one in a playlist meant to teach the beginner fisherman or woman how to fish from the very start. From how to find a place to fish to how to make sure you are legal. This video gets you started.
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28 Replies to “Fishing For Beginners - Where to Start - Bass Fishing”

  1. Parker Morrison

    I'm not exactly a beginner beginner but I'm still learning and I love videos like this you can always learn something new!!!!

  2. David Ehlers

    What are the best lures for kids. I have an soon to be 8 year old. Bobbers with live bait bore him quickly. I don't want to constantly have to paddle over to his kayak to de weed or free his hook from snags. He has a med heavy spinning rod with a reel that retrieves about a yard per turn (Diawa Fuego) w/ 30# braid and 12# flouro leader, and a med light spinning rod (can't remember what reel is on it) w/ 10# braid and 8# flouro leader. Thanks in advance.

  3. Rickey D

    Yep Great Video! Getting back to the basics is always good. Thanks again Gene. Dude you got me wanting to relocate to Georgia Man.

  4. IWasHere4k

    The guy that caught that state record was in Nebraska it was at a private lake and when he went to get it recorded they asked for his license and then busted him it was great.

  5. SickmanMtz

    Love your vids. Hope u can help me here. What are the maps called that show the depths of a lake? And where can I find them?

  6. Chadwick Meeks

    Great info. I from GA also and have done a lot of fishing around here and down at FT benning the two times I was stationed there.

  7. Cameron Walker

    You are a very nice man Gene.

    Your videos are very informative and I enjoy learning from your humble knowledgeable experience.

    Now give me a million dollars.

  8. TBassFactory

    That record bass was in arkansas. 16 lbs he went and got the license after he caught that fish. Good video.

  9. matthewl1187

    You have great content. I've been bass fishing for years but I just purchased my first baitcaster reel today. Keep up the good videos.

  10. Michael

    I'm on Ft Gordon, which pond did you lose that monster in, maybe I'll catch him!

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