By | April 13, 2018

How's it going everyone?

In today's video, I met up with one of my Subscriber and his name is Tom. Tom is from China. He is here in US for School and wanted to learn how to bass fish. I'm not sure if I'm the right guy but I hope i did enough to show him what bass fishing is all about. Thanks Tom for being supportive and watching my video all the way from China to US.

Also, at the end of this video, I took a quick moment to break down my thoughts, tricks and tips of the tube that I like to use. Watch and find out my secrets!!!

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Gear Used:
Shimano Metanium HG
Falcon Bucoo Rod 7ft fast action
P-Line 15lb Fluorocarbon Line
Gitzits Tube
Strike King coffee scent tube
Impluse Tube
Cabelas round lead jig heads
Rapala Topwater
Rebel Popper
Gopro Hero 3


14 Replies to “Fishing for Big River Smallmouth”

  1. Maxamillion

    Hehe, now when you tell someone of your friend(s) Tom, you have to explain which Tom you're speaking of 😛

  2. Adam Granatella

    Digging your videos. We've fished a few times at Estabrook but get skunked almost every time. Where did you guys park in this video? I'm always looking for good spots to fish from the shore.

  3. NWfishing 73

    I live up by beaver dam and the walleyes are starting to run up stream try the Lowell dam or in beaver dam

  4. Fue Yang

    Awsome videos as always bro... keep it up.. too bad there wasnt a second video going to catch you falling into the water! LoL.. Always tips also.. maybe if i ever get into smb/lmb fishing, ill keep those tips in mind... keep the videos coming! Somebody agould tag Strike King if they can, my guy here needs to get a sponsorship! :p

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