By | March 13, 2018
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World Record Fishing - On our way to the FLW Tournament, we decided to stop in Tennessee to fish with Gabe Keen, the Tennessee State Record Holder (Aka Mr. 15lb 3oz.) Enjoy the Video!

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45 Replies to “Fishing for the Tennessee State Record Bass!”

  1. Frank Aylward Jr

    Should of showed a quick pic of his 15.3 bass. Also, Scott.. you need to lock yourself in a freezer or something to get used to being cold lol

  2. James Hunley

    No one is going to believe me when I say this but gabe keen was my teacher last year for world history, he is a teacher at my school , Campbell county high school

  3. Termish

    I was using a lipless crank and did the crank then drop method you're talking about and got into a musky. Hit it on the fall. Line snapped at the kayak but still fun

  4. Cape Nelson

    Love that lake!! Only been able to fish it a few times, but it has every type of cover when the water is up.

  5. Paul Basquez

    its fake the way he never shows the fish hit and hook only the landing that big fish looked dead idk these guys have fish out their ass

  6. Tacticool Millenial

    Nice boat tech. Some of us cant afford a boat of such caliber. Dont mean to be debbie downer but I live in he north we get 5 months of fishing MAYBE.

  7. les bedford

    Awesome Scott, I say this with sincerity, I don't fish much anymore cause i'm in nowheresville with the daughter and grandson, but I sure like your videos. It puts me right next to you and you're a riot, you catch fish and just an all-around cool guy. You keep it clean and show everyone how it's done, and you're having fun doing it. waiting for the next one.

  8. George J.

    14.2lber in Sawgrass Florida in 1990!! Thought I hooked a tree!! 1/4oz Blue/Sliver Rattle Trap!!!

  9. fisher 50500

    i live in TN i know where a 17 pounder lives. ive seen multiple . caught a 5 pounder in 3 casts and one day a 8 on a big ass spinner bait. im chasing the TN legend state record. i am sure of it living in my secret lake. only dude that fishes there is an old black dude with his kids pullin out monster bass every day and fryin em. pisses me off!
    i gut hooked one and it didnt live so i took it for dinner and found it loaded with parasites. i hope he has fun chewin on tape worms!

  10. 18grantfish

    Uhhh hang on. An Alabama rig is not legal in TN and the guy openly admits catching the state record on it, however he says in another video that it only had 3 hooks so I give him the benefit of the doubt there. My biggest gripe though is that in this episode he IS using 5 hooks which is ILLEGAL in TN waters. Cmon man, you are a professional doing a television show, you know better. This guy obviously knows better because he fishes this lake all of the time and caught the freaking state record on it.

  11. Frozen Fishermen

    Scott can I get a shout out?! My channel is called Frozen Fishermen I've been doing ice fishing videos as I live in Central WI but will switch to bass in the spring. Also you said red is a good color for cold water would you say it's still a good color if the water is clear?

  12. GE FloridaFishing

    Plz go to my YouTube channel and plz subscribe to it if you can I will really appreciate it it's at GE FloridaFishing I just started

  13. FishingTheGardenState

    Scott love the new video content and the direction you are taking posting videos. Keep it up. If you dont mind can you check out mine while your at it. Hey you could even subscribe if you wanted. Thanks

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