By | March 12, 2018

Fishing with big swimbaits was about as foreign as it gets to me, big ups to grant for showing me how it's done! It's such a cool experience to see this big baits in person and to get a big ole bass to munch one, definitely going to be messing around with these baits more in the future!

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42 Replies to “GIANT Swimbaits Catch BIG Bass!!”

  1. James Hutcheson

    You haven’t pooped up on my feed in a bit. Good to see you. Good vid.

    Edit: I honestly thought I had subbed. Fixed that.

  2. Jacob Krueger

    I hate how you say those big baits don't work in the Midwest and that a 4 lber won't eat a big bait like that in the midwest. Maybe just you haven't seen it but they do. And people throw those big baits all over the country

  3. Mantisman™


    $100 lure?
    $10 rubber boots?
    logic = priceless!

    But your funny 🙂 props keep em' coming, that's a massive lure I just ordered the Megabass 262T!

  4. Jaxson Morkis

    I don't understand how he didn't realize that his eyes didn't line up I can't even stand it if mine are a centimeter off

  5. Jake Warren

    Just a PSA: When you hook a fish in the eye, keep it. Eat it, mount it, kill it... anything but release it. A blind bass will slowly die of starvation, much better to just kill it quickly.

  6. jdogg661420

    small baits catch big bass too check my float and fly vid. dont under estimate the smalls. nice fish and vid, too bad foul hooked the one in the eye though.

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