By | April 10, 2014

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Short sneak peek of Pete Gluszek's 52 minute smallmouth bass class on The Bass University TV. Catching a giant smallmouth bass aka "Smallie" may be one of the most exciting things about bass fishing! Smallies are well known for being very aggressive and a blast to catch; they are also notorious for being difficult to locate from day to day. Consistently catching these big Smallmouths is Pete Gluszek's expertiese and he will share the tips and techniques with you that he uses to put these brown fish in the boat! Pete talks about their preferred habitat, seasonal patterns, techniques, lures, and much more.

Pete covers:
-Lure color selection
-Stinger treble hook for spinnerbait
-Changing lure colors to re-ignite the school of bass
-Power-finesse approach
-Drop-shot rig