By | March 9, 2018

If you follow these tube fishing tips for winter fish, you're going put some fish in the boat and have some fun. Thanks to our partner Lucky Tacklebox for producing this video.

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10 Replies to “How To Catch Winter Bass with Tubes | Bass Fishing”

  1. Tony Lama

    Thank you, very informative. Great details on depths and locations, for a newbie like me, it is very helpful.

  2. Pursuit Fishing

    Good informative vid. Thank you. I like the tips on how to fish it. Good tip on your dragging method vs just hopping or lift and drop. Also like the tip on cutting the tube to create better fitment on the jig head.

    The Ned rig is a go-to for me and a solid producer. I've seen an odd trend this winter though. I haven't caught a single bass on the Ned rig. All of my winter bass this year have been caught on 4" or 5" worms. Specifically, the Zman FattyZ has been a major producer. My brain tells me that thick 5" worm would have too much action and be a little too big, but it's working well.

    Any ideas on why a well known, producing finesse bait isn't producing while a thick worm is doing the trick?

  3. Joshua Murphy

    Small grubs and tubes have always been my favorites the just straight up catch fish multi species they just straight and thank you now can I fish the extremely slow so much slower than before which I love doing with soft plastics and jigs now with Z-Man tubes I’ll definitely have to get my hands on more Z-Man soft plastic baits

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