By | April 15, 2018

This video demonstrates how to flip and pitch for Bass, my favorite bass fishing techniques, and my favorite soft plastics. We catch over 100 dinks with an occasional lunker.

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33 Replies to “How To Fish For Largemouth Bass - Over 100 Caught! Fishing in Weeds!”

  1. Dee Piper

    Great video and great fishing guys! I found your channel from your catch and cook tilapia fish soup video. Subbed!

  2. Mike Verkamp

    theese giy clam to be sin city outdoors but they travrl houts to go outdoor like one video you clam to bee in lake mead but in fact your in lale mohave i cab tell by marinas so why call your self sin city out doors when dont even stay in sin city/lasvage i know you can hunt and fish around thier

  3. Dave C

    they beat eachother up when prespawn and spawning they get beat up here in FL in spring

  4. outdoors weekly

    Hey, could you please take a look at my channel and give me some tips. If you can't I completely understand. Thank you for your time

  5. Sin City Outdoors

    If any of you guys know why the Bass in this video look like they got chopped up by razors... please let me know. What do you think? Don't forget to Like and Subscribe. Thanks and I'll See You Outdoors!

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