By | February 27, 2018

Zara Spook fishing and walking the dog is what this video is about. Learn where and when to fish it, what line, rod, and reel to use!

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49 Replies to “How To Fish The Zara Spook | Walk The Dog | Bass Fishing”

  1. Chris Mata

    Great video as always. I was confused on the colors and this helped save me from buying a whole bunch of unnecessary colors. Thanks and keep up the good vids Glenn May

  2. Mark Aston

    Just picked up a couple of Zara Spooks today and can't wait to try them out. Your video was the most helpful I have watched on this technique and setup!! Thanks for the pointer!!

  3. zenas chhoeum

    thanks for the video like this. im a newbie to using lures. it really helps to see how to work the lures. please make more videos like this. itll be much appreciated.

  4. J. C.

    I get wind knots in my 20lb test braid line, because reeling the slack line in caused from flicking the lure. Any suggestions?

  5. bill porciello

    I use the regular locking snap swivels on my c-rig and plastics. I use the ball bearing locking snap swivels on my topwater and Crankbaits because the ball bearing locking snap swivels give a smoother side to side movement. The only downfall using any snap swivels is to change them often they do wear out. Awesome educational video here.

  6. Corey Hamer

    looking to figure out a good skipping technique eith baitcasters for top water and other baits. it hasent worked well for me during the first couple outings. i caught fish yesterday thanks to your video but there are a few shrubs and docs i was trying to get under and although i could skip the bait fine i was getting massive backlashes every time.

  7. bill porciello

    I use the locking ball bearing snap swivels . I can't tie knots as good as I once was. Plus I get more of a smoother hinge side to side action. Now the strike and a miss isn't actually a miss. I freeze when I get a strike and watch my line for movement. I notice sometimes a bass will slap a bait to stun it first. Then it turns to engulf it. So some bass may take it right away and some come back for it. Now I twitch it in a 1, 2, 3 pause pattern. Make all three twitches as even as you can movement wise. Make your pauses even time wise. I will make my pauses longer if nothing is happening. It's skill in fishing.

  8. Brad Wachter

    While watching this video we listened to the let the rings dissipate tip and a 16 in bass hit hard. Great advice

  9. flysubcompact

    Great tips.  I now fish with Zaras from a sit in kayak and working this lure that low to the water is tough, but you can do it.  I have one old cheap rod iwith a whippy tip  that works best.  Can't work it like from a standing position, but it still brings me a fish from time to time.

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