By | May 16, 2018

Had a blast fishing the last 4 days with full time fishing Youtuber Alex Peric. Here is the first instalment from our trip...Fishing in Manitoba's eastern region for angry wintertime Smallmouth Bass. This was Alex and Sam's first time ice fishing for Smallies, and I'm sure it's not a day they will forget anytime soon, well and the fact that they got stuck in the ditch for three hours. Enjoy!

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Here is the gear listed in the video:


DJI Mavic -
Sony A7S -
Sony FS5 -


Canon 24-105mm f4 -
Sony 12-24mm f4 -



43 Replies to “Ice Fishing for Smallmouth Bass! Ft. APBASSIN (hitting the ditch)”

  1. John Michaud

    This is my first video looks like you video a lot of people definitely should do more stuff for peric and the googan squad really enjoy their videos Iโ€™m subscribed to all of them can tell this is gonna be a good one already good work

  2. Afish040

    Awesome video! Is this Shoe Lake? Nice classic uncut angling stupid look on your face joke.

  3. Fishing In The City

    Peric ur such fuk up,but it makes for a good video plus ur young aaaand ur put in a lot of situations people ur age will never do, So mad props to you for getting out there and doing it!! One day u will be Great at everything ur doing!! Keep up the HARD work!!

  4. slvrgray

    Awesome video. Hope to see you in a video fishing with A Wiebe this season. Subscribed.

  5. Brett McComas

    Jay: Do they like that on?
    Peric: What on?
    Jay: That stupid look on your face!
    Peric: ** drag zinging **

  6. Dao Wallace

    Chocolate Chip cookie and landing a smallie. Alec Peric just set a World Wide record with Sammie D!!

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