By | December 12, 2015

Largemouth bass fishing when mentioned among a group of dedicated anglers can engender levels of excitement that only those who regularly cast a line can appreciate. Largemouth bass love a contest and of course, so do anglers!

Understanding some basic principles of largemouth bass fishing will increase your chances of having a satisfying outing and a good catch to earn bragging rights the next time you catch up with your fishing buddies.

Tips And Techniques

- Bait is crucial in fishing. That's an understatement. Whether to use artificial or live bait is a question often asked. Most often, you need to use a "suck it and see" approach. The fish will often let you know what they prefer simply by how often they are biting.

- Plastic worms in a variety of colors according to many fisherman are usually a preferred option. By having a range of colors, you can mix them up and if you are getting good results with one then stick with it. Alternatively, if one color isn't working then swith to another.

- If you are using live bait then make sure the bait is kept fresh and not allowed to go off. Purchasing worms in large quantity could produce unsuitable odors so it might pay to split them up into air tight containers.

- As with most things in life, having a plan before execution gives you the best chance of success. The same applies to largemouth bass. In fact, always have a back up plan to fall back on. Look for areas where the level of noise activity is low. This is why getting to your fishing destination at "the crack of dawn" is always preferred.

- Areas where the fish can congregate such as around rocks and weed are good options. Even try around jetty structures or other areas of cover. Largemouth bass are expert at ambushing their intended prey. Remember, if you don't get results the first time, be prepared to move to a different spot. Largemouth bass are expert at ambushing their intended prey.

- Try and ascertain signs of life around your fishing area. Birds are a good indication of fish being present. If there is baitfish around and the birds are feeding then it's a good bet that the largemouth bass won't be far away.

- Largemouth bass are comfortable in deep or shallow water but they usually like staying out of a current flow. Your gear should include equipment for both levels of water. Always have selection of surface and deep water lures. Water currents are a factor as well. If there is a current present, then look at fishing the covered areas.

- Finally, don't become predictable. Be prepared to try different things. Move as often as you have to. If the fish aren't biting on plastic or live bait, then try a reaction lure. If you are fishing an area with murky water color try a clearer area. If you are in deep water and exhausted all bait options, then try more shallow depths.

Largemouth bass fishing can test a novice angler's ability and patience but the key is not to become stuck in a routine. If it's not working, change it.

Source by Dean Caporella