By | April 25, 2018
Attention! We have a lure manufacturer looking for 'pro staff' and field staff fishermen/women throughout the Tri States area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma), who fish our tournaments and others, to become a Pro Staff ambassador for a regional custom made lure company. Go Here to Apply!! Apply for staff position! Or, for info and to request a recommendation form see me, Randy Yancey, Table Rock North Tournament Director for USA Bassin, after the tournament!!  

Went down to my locals drainage canals to catch some BASS and had a blast! Check it out!



17 Replies to “Largemouth Bass Fishing In The Canals In EL Paso Texas”

  1. Chris Martinez

    That's so cool! My kids have been waiting to catch a catfish, any suggestions on where to go here in El Paso?

  2. Kick in the Bass TV

    I haven't fished the canals yet, where are they? West side? I just started my channel as well but haven't made a fish video yet, it's coming soon. I am usually at Ascarte

  3. Damien Sisco

    Good to see there's bass still in there, when I was stationed there I would fish the canals and hunt the rio for ducks


    you have a great video i watched every min of it. thanks for sharing with the world.If you have a chance check my channel out.if you like hit subscribe.let me know you did and ill say WHAT UP! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!!!

  5. WindyCityBassin

    I bet a tone of people don't even think there are bass in those canals.Β  Interesting place to fish, but they seem to be biting.Β  Thanks for sharing.Β  If you haven't before, give my channel a look.Β  Always appreciate a like/sub.Β  Tight lines!

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