By | September 24, 2016

Hello Folks! This is footage from 9/11 when I went fishing for largemouth with my buddy Dave. We had some really tough post frontal conditions to deal with. The forecast predicted overcast with light wind and rain. However, the weather kept changing ever hour and sometimes even more frequently than that. We had periods of calm, clear sunny skies with high pressure. Then it would go back to overcast, wind and rain. This weather really messed with the shallow bite. We tried to fish offshore a bite but we just couldn't get any of the fish we marked offshore to bite anything.

We debated leaving in the afternoon when it started dumping rain. However, I put my GoPro away since I did not have my waterproof case and we continued to fish. We landed probably 8 more fish between the two of us that did not make it on film. Sadly, the biggest fish of the day was a 2.18 lber that was caught using the spidey pole. Unfortunately, that happened when my GoPro was off. I also snapped a rod so it wasn't exactly a great day for me but it is still good to get out and fish nonetheless!

Equipment Used:
7' M Dobyns Fury 703SF
Daiwa Fuego 2000SH
30 lb Braid to 12 lb Fluorocarbon Leader
2/0 Wacky Hook

Baits Used:
Homemade Senko

Camera Used:
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

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