By | February 27, 2018

Random, last minute afternoon fishing trip with the homie Jae, I decided to throw some big baits, and small baits. The Matt Lures shad got absolutely destroyed. Awesome bait, I've had it for over a year and a half and this is by no means putting the lure down for durability. I've most likely not been taking the best care of it. I will definitely be buying another.

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30 Replies to “Matt Lures Shad Swimbait OBLITERATED by Big Bass - Fall Bass Fishing Big & Small Baits”


    Another one?!? Been having that itch to upload a ton lately. We have some good things coming your way so I hope you are all ready. Let me know some things you'd like to see.

  2. Outcast Outdoors

    If you slice the bottom of the swimbait up to the foam harness, you can crazy glue the harness to the surrounding rubber, then use "mend it" to close the slice. It will help it last longer.
    For the tail, you can make a quick "plaster of paris" mold using non-stick spray, prior to using the bait. If it gets torn off, you can pour another using spent plastics of a similar color, and mend it back on the SB. Fish on!

  3. Bass Man

    Great video as always, excellent editing and very captivating/entertaining. Keep it up my man!!!

  4. Victor Xavier

    Cool vid! Just wondering what you're choice would be if you had to choose between getting a pelican boat or a kayak? Thanks and tight lines!

  5. RedfishRoss

    I have had two of those baits and both were destroyed on the first fish , stick with the Ganterell or go with the Huddleston Bluegill.

  6. Dan Barter

    nice fish it wrecked the lure for sure. I have a bass raider 10e and I really like it . Feels far more stable then my 12 foot jon boat and carries more weight.

  7. ewok and kb

    My buddy hunter had hus HUDDGILL straight DESTROYED by a 4lb1oz smallie while bed fishing thus spring. Ripped the harness straight out of it.

  8. Bob Witt

    Where is the Musky hunts bro? This is the best time to do it, I went this weekend and my friend got a 46 incher. I got a 34.

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