By | August 28, 2016

Prepare yourself for ridiculous bass fishing and some good laughs. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson exhibits catlike reflexes on a river logjam to get to where others cannot. All laughs aside, big and stable logjams can provide a walking surface from which to drop lures into holes you couldn't otherwise reach. The thick inner stuff often holds numbers of bass that willingly bite a vertically presented lure.

Kyle shares his simple line and tackle setup for getting bit and wresting smallmouth bass out of the mess on a short leash.

He's part American Ninja Warrior, part diehard bass angler. Barefoot made it easier to maneuver the rain-soaked logs. Jason and Ryan offer moral support from the comfort of the boat. For most, we just recommend watching and enjoying! Think you could make it across 4 logs in one move in the rain to get to these bass?