By | April 16, 2018

There have been many fish kills across Florida recently since the drought has ended and heavy rains have begun. That doesn't always mean your favorite spot is ruined, which is what I originally thought about this spillway. I set off to find new places to fish for a few weeks, hoping to find that magical spot. I eventually came back to the spillway to find there were still some big ones left.
This video is an up to date summary of my YouTube channel and my quest to catch a 10 pound bass on film.

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Lure I caught all the fish on- Bomber Super Pogy 1.25 oz.
Lure I was casting into the spillway gates-
Huddleston Deluxe 8 inch Swimbait

Constancy Part 1 - The Descent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Grave Blow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Pas de Deux by Bird Creek


29 Replies to “Part 2 - Catching More Giant Bass at a Florida Spillway”

  1. Michael Lopez

    Great video that's a very good spot keep posting brotha I catch out here in cali but I'm catching 10 to 20 lb striped bass lol

  2. Kevin Hanes

    Sorry but what you call giants are everyday fish in oklawaha river. We catch 9 to 10 pound bass all the time. My biggest was 16 pounds 2 oz!! THAT was a GIANT bass lol


    You Gota fish that rippin current. There's a special way and the big ones are there. Trial and error Will get you there

  4. Evan Polk

    Is that in boat ramp road I crappie fish there a lot and put my boat in at the ramp for bass

  5. Nick G

    Hey I've been watching your videos and there awesome. I think I live in ur neighborhood I recognize the house if u want to fish hmu sometime I have good spots in there I've caught a lot of studs in there

  6. Wayn Jul

    That water was coming out of there so hard it killed a lot of fish. Glad your still finding the fish there.

  7. Matthew Paino

    hey man just subed to your channel I live in Port St Lucie and have been fishing some hidden lakes for awhile now around here I'm more than certain I can put you on to some 10s for sure with 2 spots in mind. so if you want to go fishing around this area hit me up and let me know I've got a lot of GoPro videos of me fishing and catching 10s my pb's 12.2 and 12.6 I haven't made a channel yet don't really have time too hit me up

  8. didier reveillard

    i shall like to know how to go fishing as well as you in our French rivers and j appreciate that you respect the nature by releasing the fish

  9. Bass Blaster 3000

    The epic 10 journey continues. Such a rad vid, and edit. Glad your spot rebounded nicely

    Any nibbles on that Huddleston lately?

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