By | October 23, 2015

Found another great place to go in my Sea Eagle 330 Kayak, fishing and taking pictures. Others there caught Perch and Large Mouth Bass- no I didn't catch anything- they jumped out of the water right next to my kayak, but no dinner for me... such fun playing in the water all day and in the evening. Requires WSSC permit you can get online and a fishing license for MD... also available online...

WSSC has three reservoirs: the Triadelphia, Rocky Gorge and Little Seneca. All three reservoirs combined can hold a maximum of 14 billion gallons of untreated water. The Triadelphia Reservoir covers approximately 800 acres. Rocky Gorge Reservoir covers approximately 810 acres. Little Seneca covers approximately 505 acres.--Triadelphia Reservoir is 65 feet at its deepest point. Rocky Gorge is 120 feet at its deepest point. Little Seneca is 65 feet deep at its deepest point, right at the dam.

The are a number of usual and unusual animals and birds that call the surrounding areas home. There are rabbits, deer, foxes, Cardinals, Blue Herons, geese, and eagles, to name a few. No bears, though! There is also a wide variety of fish in the reservoirs.