By | April 24, 2018
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38 Replies to “Sega Bass Fishing (Dreamcast)”

  1. Jonathan Alnas

    The very first game i ever played on the very first console I played at age 2 😭😭 (i was born in 1997) i really want a Sega Dreamcast again

  2. Vincent Mercado

    Man I miss playing this game I remember Catching a Fish I Like 2 Call Big Daddy cuz he was a BIG HUGE FISH!!!!!🐟🌊

  3. Instruction Helper

    Hey my Friend I am your 65th Subscriber if that helps you please look at some awesome P S 2 games I too have posted and comments in your own language will be Excellent New Subscribers and Thumbs Up also ROCK !

    Cobra Thomas : )~


    Best voice actor in the history of video games. My friends and I still talk about him to this day, 17 years later, like he's an old friend. SELECT AN AREA. CAYPE AREA. ENJOY YOR PHISHING. LOWER DA ROD!!!! WAOOW DATS A BIG ONE! SMAUL ONE. POOR. DANK YU FOR PLAAAYING. GAAAAAME OVAH.

  5. lkjyuiop

    I never could catch a fish in this game. It piss me off. Why can't I find a rubber worm in a fishing game

  6. retrostansolo

    Just got this again with rod, started collecting again after getting rid of my dreamcast and loads of stuff back in 2000. God i regret it.
    Played this today and my biggest bass was 20 pound 12 oz on the castle.
    Tip for you in the video, stop reeling when the line meter is in the red and play the fish.
    Good video, injoyed it.

  7. Fat Tony

    Ohh The Memories.. I Heard There Was A Cheat That Let You Lob Grenades Into The Lake For Maxium Fish Catching..

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