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Backwoods Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in the backwoods of east Texas is one of my favorite places to fish because it's away all the city drama. In this vlog, lunkerstv and I are going bass fishing on Lake Sam Rayburn... source

I Didn't Think It Was THAT Big - Rattletrap Pond Bass Fishing

When I set the hook, I thought I had a stick, then I thought it was a small fish, then I thought it wasn't even a bass... But surprises are sometimes the best If you enjoyed the video,... source

Kayak Bass Fishing -- My Biggest Bass (again)

Brice's Insta/Guide service -- Email Russ for Kayaks -- Pick up Kayaks here -- Rigged Shirt -- AY!... source

Big Winter Bass in Heavy Cover | Preparing Fishing Gear

Preparing my fishing tackle for big winter bass in heavy cover SUBSCRIBE - WATCH MORE FISHING - source

Pond bass fishing in the green slime..

Another fun day of bass fishing in texas with the boys! Make sure to follow our new channel below! Follow Googan Channel - Yamamoto Ranch - http://www.innatbkranc... source

Bass Fishing With Live Crawfish

Folks, today I show you my way of rigging up live crawfish for some big bass! The way I rig my crawfish, doesn't hurt them so it keeps them alive longer and also allows them to move freely... source

The most RANDOM Pond Bass Fishing video you will EVER watch..

Well I wasn't suppose to be bass fishing in this video but I couldn't jump out of a plane due to the high winds. I guess you guys will have to wait for a little bit to see that video. Make... source

Fishing in Canada with the Worlds Best Bass Fisherman! - Ranked #1 (Scott and Roland Martin)

In this video I fish with the current worlds best bass fisherman in the world Scott Martin and his father Roland Martin! My first pike at 1:44 If you want to see more videos like this make... source

Fishing for River MONSTERS (Saratoga & Bass) Catch &

On this adventure I head down to my local dam and attempt to catch some monster fish out of my kayak. After fishing there for a few hours I manage to hook some crazy fish, including a 70cm... source

Best ALL AROUND Bass fishing rod and reel

Please SUBSCRIBE and help us get to 10000!!! In this video I'll cover what I feel like is the best all around set up for bass fishing. Let me know what you guys think below! thanks for watching,... source

HUGE Winter Mega Bag ~30lbs+ Fishing for Bass

Went fishing for bass in Central Florida on a beautiful winter day and had an epic session on the water catching GIANT fish with my buddy Joey Berg of Dream Big Guided Tours. Ended up just... source

크랭크베이트 배스낚시

오늘은 크랭크베이트로 배스낚시를 해봤다. 먼저 대동저수지에서 시작했다. 첫번째 잡은 고기는새물 유입구쪽에 캐스팅하고 스테리 리트리브... source