By | September 21, 2015

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Just slammin the smallies on a Berkley Powerbait and Gulp out on Lake St. Clair. Jig fishing for smallmouth bass is dynamite on Lake St. Clair. We got some real hogs out there, a few three and four pounders, but I don't think any of the smallmouth bass tipped the scales for the five pounder mark. The smallmouth bass are biting all along the shoreline, from 8 mile all the way down! Further down St. Clair Shores, 11-13 mile area, the smallmouth bass seem to be getting more way from the shoreline and spawning in deeper water. You can catch these smallmouth bass on crankbaits and spinnerbaits as well, but jigs are where it's at, the bass can't pass up on the enticing action and smell of the Berkley Powerbait and Gulp.