By | April 25, 2018
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The spawning cycle for smallmouth bass. Populations are higher and average size is larger and spawning yields are higher.


12 Replies to “Smallmouth Bass - Ritual of the Spawn”

  1. T Higson

    This is an excellent and most informative video. Thank you for sharing! Tight lines.

  2. mhryciuk0785

    Absolutely amazing footage. Out of the 1000 times I've typed smallmouth in search over the years how had this never came up?!

  3. Aaron Hahn

    This was very informative!  One a ha moment this video provided me was when you mentioned the injuries they sustain on their tails and lips from clearing the rocky beds. I caught a small mouth bass the other day (Connecticut) and his tail seemed scraped up, I didn't know if it was a disease or from the fight he gave me.  After watching this video, it is likely he was preparing beds and they are very close to spawning.   Fantastic video!

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