By | March 28, 2018

some pics from table rock at the end


15 Replies to “Summer Bass Fishing with YUM Dingers. ( Pictures from Table Rock too..)”

  1. BassFishingOnly

    First of all, do not call me "bud". Second of all it is youtube, not an english classroom. I have a higher GPA than u will ever have. And lastly, why dont u go get ur gay little fake guns and go play some pretend war you airsoft playing fucker

  2. airsoftnbass16

    Sure you have bud and Maybe you should spend a little less time worrying about fishing and more on spelling.

  3. BassFishingOnly

    Just because they can stay out for quite a while doesnt meen they should. I have been fushing way longer than u and i know what is healthy for a fish and whats not. And keeping the fish out that long us unnessecary.

  4. BassFishingOnly

    just because "the fish arent dieing" doesnt mean its ok. it is unhealthy for the fish and it might bot kill them instantly but it will over time

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