By | March 22, 2018

All on video I caught the BIG bass that didn't get away. Last week I hooked a 10+ pound largemouth a half an hour after dark and it spit the hook at the boat side. I thought about it all week, even while traveling down to the keys. Once I got back to Tampa, I reached out to Tom and we made plans for redemption. The hot bait of choice has been the Strike King 5XD crankbait in the chartreuse, orange belly pattern. I upgraded the trebles to the Mustad Elite grips.

The key was to reel the bait steadily and pause when I would hit structure, this seemed to help trigger strikes. These bass where caught post front when the barometer was steadily rising. We were also a little after the major feed time. I finally caught my 10lb fish that had a 17 inch girth and was 27 inches long. I retied my lure and on my very next cast I hooked into another tank, after a few jumps I finessed the fish to the boat where Tom could net it. Even though he pulled harder and looked bigger it was a 7lb fish. I had a 17lb bag in two cast, how crazy is that? I snapped a few pictures and sent her home. This is part 1 of the big bass series, stay tuned for part two.

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27 Replies to “The BIG bass that didn't get away - My PB Largemouth”

  1. MR-FLIP

    I recently landed my PB striped bass at 31lb 15oz 42in long and got the biggest fish record for AZ for 2017 I know how it feels breaking a PB. Congrats

  2. Isaac Pelletier

    Dudeeee first bass I caught over 4 pounds was a 9 pounder. The feeling that you get when you are fighting that fish after you saw how big it was is so hard to describe. It's like pure panic and excitement at the same time. My legs wouldn't stop shaking for a solid 5 minutes after I landed her. So hype. Awesome fish, man! It truly is a great sport!

  3. Dino Harrison

    Joshua, I have to admit I missed this video until after the Live Vid. this evening. Congrats Dude. Your legs sure were shaking. I bet you could Almost walk on water! You were surely blessed that night. God Bless!!!

  4. Tee

    i am dieing laughing, I feel your excitement , congrats bro, you went back and got it that's a hog

  5. Robert Pena

    congratulations man !! love the excitement you have in the video lol .nice that you got it on camera to share with us 👍

  6. Jose Lucena

    Hey Josh, Congrats on the catch I'm happy for you. Keep it up I enjoy all your vids are you planning to do any more live streams?

  7. angry fish

    Very happy for you. That bass was a slob for sure. I know the pain of loosing nice fish. Be safe⚓

  8. Julian Semenuk

    congrats I took your advice and I think my latest fishing video turned out a lot better than the previous videos and I would like to know what editing software you use.

  9. Chris Monserrate

    Fish of a lifetime stud of all studs. Also your a real steward to release her back for another angler to enjoy if there so lucky. I think that fished would have lived on my man cave wall hate to say. Great video.

  10. fusionz06

    On the big ones if you put your rod down more toward the water when they jump you have a high likelihood of sticking another treble and you can put a little more heat on them. Good fish!

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