By | December 15, 2015

Did you know that bass fishing is America's number one fresh water sport? This sport has become so popular that it has grown to be a 4. 8 billion dollar industry. The advantage it has over other sports is that anyone who spends time learning and practicing can participate. You don't have to be a super athlete to make the grade.

This is a way to build wonderful relationships with the other members of your family. There is something special about being outdoors on the water together that makes people bond. Add to that the fun, laughter and excitement of catching a bass, and everyone agrees they should have started long ago.

Once you hook your first bass, you won't be able to quit. You'll have "bass fever". The funny thing about this disease is that the more bass you catch, the worse the fever gets. It's something you never get over. In fact, it will change your life because there will be a lot of things you used to do that you won't want to do anymore just so you can spend more time on the water.

One of the biggest mistakes people who have "bass fever" make is going out and buying all kinds of equipment whether they have the money to purchase it or not. They think the more gadgets, lures, bait and hooks they have, the more bass they will catch. This usually happens because they don't really know what they need.

The best way to overcome this mistake, and save a considerable amount of money at the same time is to read everything you can get your hands on about bass fishing. Talk to anglers, and ask them what they use. If there is any way possible, enroll in a school that teaches you how to fish for bass. Don't make the same mistake the majority of the people make. Learn all you can and just buy the basic things you need to start off. Spend your money on quality items instead of quantity. You won't be sorry that you did.

Source by Charles Cannon