By | February 28, 2018
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If you want to go out and catch some giant smallmouth bass these are my Top 5 recommendations to help you put those big fish in the boat.

These 5 baits will cover all situations and are, in my opinion, the best options to catch smallmouth nationwide. Check out some of the baits at these links below:

Bass Magnet ShiftR Shad:
6th Sense Hollow Body:
6th Sense Swimbait Head:
6th Sense Underspin:

Bass Magnet Twitch:
Bass Magnet Phat Fry:
Poor Boy's Erie Darter:

6th Sense Lures Provoke:
Luck E Strike RC STX:

Poor Boy's 3.5 inch Tube:

6th Sense 250 MD:
6th Sense 300 DD:

Pursue your passion folks

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49 Replies to “Top 5 Best Baits for BIG Smallmouth”

  1. Tikimohn

    Gobies? You're in the great lakes region eh? Only area I know people using goby imitations for SMallies.

  2. The Armed Bucks

    Thanks a ton! Going to pentwater MI on Sunday, water should be quite warm so no lake perch I take it. Smallmouth it is! Subbed.

  3. Blue_Collar_Guy

    This is the first video from you that I have seen. I decided to subscribe and, see what else you have. So far video quality seems informative.

  4. chadfish11

    Great video! Quick question: some of your lures that you had on "Bass Magnet" I tried adding to my cart on the site but the shipping was crazy it was like $17.99 for shipping alone! Any other site I could get em from? They don't appear to be on Amazon

  5. Jacob Zastrow
    This app is basically an app just like Instagram, but just for fishermen, but there's a twist! If you refer people to the app, you receive points, and you can use those points towards, reels, gopros, and lures, and much much more! Give it a try!

  6. BassGeek

    Dude you're giving away all my favorite colors. I love the MegaBass version on the LuckE Strike Jerkbait. I need to pick up some of the LES versions I like their price point much better then the Mega. I just bought a bunch before the LES came out. Then you start to talk about my smoke purple. hahaha JK. Great video and great stuff man you know your smallies.

  7. BassBulliesTV

    Idk why but smallmouth hate pink and chartreuse they always seem to eat the brighter colors lol thanks for the tip Ben!

  8. FishingThePNW

    Do you upgrade the hardware on the RC STX? I have been wanting to try a couple of those jerkbaits as a back up to the the single Vision 110 FX Tour Premium that I own but I haven't figured out what split rings and hooks to upgrade to which will allow it to still suspend. I know they don't have the same effectiveness as the Vision 110 but I've been wanting to get a couple.

  9. Ben Vasquez

    Smoke purple tube was a personal favorite of mine; used it when everyone else was throwing the same green pumpkin color.

  10. Chris King Outdoors

    Ben hey brother! Great smallie bait video! I apologize for not being around as much lately bud, I have been battling some tough back injuries and my channel has taken a hit for sure. I gotta say thanks though for being an inspiration to keep on going, you might not even know you do that but you do. So thanks! Your content is getting better and better and that is really cool to see how far its coming already this year! Fish on brother!

  11. Bassin NW503

    That last color on the tube looks good. My go-to color is called Road-Kill, which is a green pumpkin plastic with a very fine gold and red glitter. It's a sure-thing around here. Can't wait to get out there, but our weather has turned and it's actually getting colder this week with more rainfall. Great video Ben... lots of good info here.

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