By | October 28, 2015

When the weather is starting to heat up like crazy, you need to have the right baits in your tackle box to catch bass. Sure, you could take a shot in the dark, and throw any old bait, and hope you catch something. You might get lucky, but then again, you might get seriously frustrated.

In this article you are going to learn the Top 5 Must Have bass fishing lures for the summertime season. Get these baits in your tackle box, and you won't have to worry about luck at all!

1. The Dirty Jigs Swim Jig

The dirty jigs swim jig gets included in the list because of the outstanding versatility it has. This is a bait that can be fished like a traditional jig, or, can be fished more like a swim bait. All you have to do is figure out the activity levels of the fish.

For instance, if the fish are sluggish, jig the bait like normal. If they are more active, swim it back to the boat a little more aggressively.

This bait gets extra points for being weedless...a must in the summer!

2. The Strike King Ocho

Summer is the perfect time of year for big soft plastic baits. The Strike King Ocho definitely fits that bill.

The reason these big baits work is simple bass efficiency. Bass would rather spend time chasing one big meal with a good pay off, then spend more energy chasing a bunch of little meals.

Get outside your comfort zone and fish with some big worms.

3. 9 inch Curly Tail Worm

Speaking of big worms, this one really gets the job done! Not only is this a big soft plastic bait, but the action on the tail makes it look as if it were injured while it is falling.

This means the bass have an even better chance of grabbing a big meal that will not escape, and it means more fish in your boat!

4. Netbait BK Swimbait

This bait is quite simply a monster. It works in so many conditions, situations, and weather that it almost isn't fair.

I'm not going to say much about this one, just go get it and try it out. Here's a bonus tip: rig the bait on it's side with a swimbait hook.

5. The Jackall Crosstail Shad

When things start getting really hot, it's hard to beat a drop shot rig with the Crosstail Shad. You won't believe the production you will get out of such a simple looking bait.

Rigging it on a drop shot allows you to get the bait in the right portion of the water column, a.k.a. the strike zone. Get it there, and the fish will be all over you.

Source by Bob Noerr