By | April 25, 2018
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Lure: Balsa Bull
Rod: 7' St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

One of bass fishings all time best topwater lures is the spook. I have fished several different types before and the Balsa Bull is among the all time greats. It has great action and is easy to walk, even for beginners.

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36 Replies to “Topwater Blowups Series 4: Spook Edition. Balsa Bull Bass Fishing.”

  1. david davis

    Heddons Zara spook is a killer bait i wish they still made the river runt i think iv got a rebel spook as well if im thinking right i use them when i cant find the color i want in heddon i love watching them pop those top waters

  2. Grunt Bound

    love the videos! fantastic perhaps maybe just a little more real tome action too? tight lines to y'all.

  3. Isaac Pelletier

    Bama Bass, This might be a dumb question...but what kind of line do you use in these situations? I know people recommend 50 or 65 pound braid when using frogs in heavy cover, but does that rule of them change when you are fishing open water topwater lures?

  4. Barbara Walczak

    I so agree with you last comment or..he said it all.. Fell on rock bad to day chasing a feeding frenzy...icing my leg.. I even had neoprene on..I was hoping to find a segment or video on how you fell in love with bass angling.. Was your dad a mentor for you?... I got at my aunt's cottage by Lake Ontario as a brothers were my mentors..and now my friend David..

  5. Mark Sorensen

    These slow motion videos of big bass blow ups are absolutely riveting. I can watch them forever, and get a good cardio exercise from the excitement. Great work, you have a fine talent in constructing these videos with the music. Love them. Thanks

  6. Magnum bob

    Hey man I sub will you please subscribe back I really enjoy your videos there awesome thank you.

  7. Francis Ducharme

    Haha I first tought the croc was a pike or something then after 2-3 seconds I was like "WTF that pike's got balls to stick his face like that out of the water"

  8. Ian Hopkins

    It's amazing to see the consistent size and ferocity of the fish at your lake(s). I never see this type of aggression. Great video.

  9. bassboys florida

    (PLEASE READ) Hey man really like your bass fishing videos but i was wondering if you could give me some tips and tricks . ok so i live down here in south Florida and i fish on this lake in my backyard its about 100 yards in length and its about 75 yards in width . ive been fishing on it for about 4 years and the biggest bass i caught was about 2lbs. i catch alot of bass but there all small and that gets kinda boring, the lake has lots of weeds and grass at the bottom there is a spot of lillys it has about 15 lillypads and its the only spot with lillys i tried a kvd sexy frog (Variety of Colors) ive tried a top water rapala skitter pop and still only lil bass . there is also a dock house and it goes out bout 10 yards i tried fishing around the area and thats where i caught my 2 pound bass. i have also tried a flipping jig and because of its weight all i get is sea weed . i have tried scented culprit worms ive tried . live target blue gill swim bait. i have also tried live blue gill and shiners with a bobber  . i just really wanna catch some big bass and i want to know if theres any in my lake can you give me some advice ? thanks it really means alot. sorry about the long writing just needed to put all the details in it.

  10. HooliganLuke

    Russe, you're killing me. This video is far too short. 2 minutes?! If you made a 4 hour video I'd be glued to the screen for 4 hours. Don't do this to me, man! Lol, great vid as always, just wish it was longer! Take it easy, brother.

  11. Michael Moody

    Another top quality video! I have searched every corner of YouTube and these are the finest topwater strike videos! Thank you for all the work you put in!!

  12. cassidy shuler


    Could u please go fishing with me sometime!! Maybe this.summer we could shoot a vodeo together. Would you mind if I camr to your lake and we tore up some bass on topwater. Email me at I am from arkansas by the way

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