By | April 25, 2018
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Lure: A-Rig
Swimbaits: Keitech
Jigheads: Eco Pro
Rod: 7' 10 Duckett Extra Heavy
Reel: Shimano Curado
Line: 65 lb Braid

This is one of those crazy fish stories that only happens once in a lifetime. I was lucky to catch these two after my reel came unattached from the rod. Although there is alot of controversy over this rig, there is no better feeling than catching TWO big bass on the same cast!

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver -
GoPro Hero 5 -
Chest Mount -
External Mic -
GoPro Housing -
Clamp Mount -
Suction Mount -
Micro SD -
Drone -
Zoom Camera for Blowups -
Editing Software -
Charging Station -

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30 Replies to “Two Big Bass Caught on the Same Cast! Alabama Rig Double - GoPro Bass Fishing.”

  1. BeardedGinger TV

    Sometimes you do everything right and the big one comes off. Sometimes something goes wrong and you boat two big ones. What a video. 🖒🖒🖒

  2. Audrey Smith

    Awesome rig I would love to have that… I'm disabled and the only fun I can have is fishing when I'm able to get out… I would love to win that rig… Way to go on your double catch!!

  3. JT Lynn

    I love your videos! I am just getting back to fishing after a Long health issue and I've realized i had to sale more than I thought to pay the bills. Trying to rebuild my tackle collection and wanted to see how I might get some of the swim baits used in you videos to try up here in East Tennessee.Yoyr videos kept me positive through my whole ordeal so THANK YOU!😉 HOPE to hear from u soon

  4. tokiesgalore

    Got the frogs off your site today in the mail. Can't wait to give them a try. Really love the looks of that Alabama rig.

  5. Barbara Walczak

    I just fell in love with the Alabama cool..... I have a question you ever talk about wind directions? Do you catch bass in NW winds??

  6. Outcast Outdoors

    When the rod gets bent through the handle, it spreads the reel seat apart. You want it tight so the rod, handle and reel become one solid piece. Way to keep your cool Russ! (Inside joke) Awesome!

  7. MrDbro94

    I've caught 2 bass at the same time on a top water crank bait. not this big, they were only about 2-3lbs. great video!

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